The game of (ice) hockey has a long and rich history in Canada. Most hockey historians agree that the game's roots lie in the Windsor, Nova Scotia region of Canada where hockey was invented sometime in the 1870s. Native Americans though will content that their forefathers had been playing a very close version of the game for centuries. The Miramac Indians of Nova Scotia may have been playing the game of "riket", which used a frozen road apple and curved wooden sticks, as far back as the 1600s.

Moose Factory, Ontario

The island community of Moose Factory, Ontario is located at the mouth of the Moose River, at the southernmost portion of James Bay. It was originally setup as a fur-trading post by Charles Bayly of the Hudson's Bay Company and today is home of the native Cree people. As is the case in most cities and towns in Canada, hockey is an integral part of life in Moose Factory. It has been recently put into the spotlight with the success of Jonathan Cheechoo, the first member of the Moose Cree First Nation to play in the National Hockey League.

Jonathan Cheechoo

Jonathan is one of just a handful of native North American players to be playing in the NHL. After spending a couple of years in the American Hockey League, he took full advantage of an opportunity to play with the San Jose Sharks of the NHL. Cheechoo was an up and coming NHL'er who seemed to have a very bright future in the league, forming a deadly line with fellow Shark Joe Thornton. His career took a bit of a downturn the last 2 seasons in San Jose, with a move that now sees Cheechoo playing in Ottawa, Ontario. This website provides visitors with a glimpse at the life and ongoing career of the future NHL superstar Jonathan Cheechoo. Included here is a biography, career OHL, AHL and NHL statistics along with select pictures and videos.